Who We Are..

Red Anchor is comprised of three members with over 50 years of military and police experience.  The owners have worked assignments from patrol to narcotics to homicide.  Additionally, they have experience within the private sector in the form of loss prevention, private investigations, and security management of “Class A” properties.  Our approach is to ensure that not only your  business is safe, but that it operates in a manner which is reflective of the community's values.  We are selective with whom we chose to work with, working only with those who are serious about being compliant with local and state rules and regulations. 

 Red Anchor strives to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, attending conferences, meeting with city officials, and talking to businesses like you, to ensure that we are keeping pace with the direction of the industry and local and state regulations. We will work hard for you, as minimum effort yields minimum results. 


  Red Anchor is proud to be Veteran, Minority, and LGBTQ owned!


AntHony Ramos

CEO/Owner & Founder of Red Anchor

nadia red anchor.jpg

Nadia Clark



Julio Diaz

Vice President - Southern California.