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 We offer security solutions for your dispensary, delivery service and security compliance needs that will be required by your state and local government.  With full legalization in full affect please read through the new regulations issued through the State of California here.

Red Anchor can help your business be successful in implementing best practices in accordance with the new regulations. We offer various products and services to accommodate your security needs:

  Application Assistance, Standard Operating Procedures & Site Plans, Security Surveys, Background Checks, Education & Training, 24/7 Availability and much more.

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You have worked hard to build your dispensary or you are in the process of building a business.  You know your products, your goals, and your vision, but how are you securing your future?  We offer application assistance, security plans, security surveys, high security safes and other vetted hardware, such as commercial doors that meet California requirements.  We can help you build a compliant and secure facility.



Cannabis delivery can be lucrative, but also has certain risks due to the product and the amount of money carried.  We offer a state require and compliant GPS system, personal safety app, car safes, and Standard Operating Procedures that can help keep your business and its assets safe and secure. 

Our Red Anchor Personal Security App, is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The safety app allows you to send a duress signal to a professionally monitored central station.  In turn, emergency services are notified, sending them to your location when your mobile GPS feature is utilized.   

Red Anchor Safety App

Red Anchor Safety App

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You are in a sector of business where security compliance is a necessity.  From Application Assistance to Security Plans and Surveys, Red Anchor is here to help get you or keep your business in compliance.   We will give the security measures of your business a look from top to bottom, providing feedback that will aide in your businesses' success. 

We also offer background checks!